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Language Connection is a nonprofit organisation that empowers language learners to improve their proficiency, make new friends and engage with the community.

Our mission is to connect people through language.

What we’re all about

Simply put, we provide a social platform where:

  • You can meet native speakers of your second language
  • Speak and practise that language
  • Meet new people and learn about new cultures

Since 2010 we have provided a dynamic and collective social platform for hundreds of language learners through facilitated Language Exchanges and conferences where we bring native speakers of different languages to meet each other.

In addition to exchanging your language, along the way you will be able to make many friends who come from all over the world, learn about different cultures and build a global network of friends. We provide not only a language hub, but also a way of connecting international cultures.


Language connection hosts regular meetings, events and activities every week where anyone is welcome. Our sociable and friendly volunteers will assist participants to feel comfortable, feel involved and engage with others with your second language.


Our responsibility is to build a proactive ‘Home’ for everyone who is keen to learn a second language at any level of proficiency between participants and volunteers. If you are interested in learning a new language, please do not hesitate to come along to any one of our weekly events.