FEATURE: Volunteers April 2013
(Volunteers after the March 2013 Conference)

Daniel Ednie-Lockett

  • (Founder)
  • Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese and Czech

In late 2009, Daniel Ednie-Lockett founded Melbourne’s first Chinese and English Language Exchange, where Australians learning Mandarin could put their classroom learning to use and international students can improve their English.

The group of language learners quickly became a social hub for learners and speakers of Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Japanese and English with weekly events and two annual conferences. Today Language Connection has over a thousand subscribed members, has fifteen volunteers, reaches more than three thousand people annually and has operations in Melbourne and Japan with more plans abroad.

Dan is currently a masters student in China with research interests including Discourse and Pragmatics, Interactional Socio-linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Language Testing and Rapport Development.

Su Ying Xie

  • Managing Director and CEO
  • Languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese

After moving from China in 1996, Su has lived in Melbourne since, soon finding herself picking up Japanese as a second language. With an ingrained interested in languages, Su joined Language Connection, which has not only provided her with opportunities to meet people from different backgrounds, but also to engage with them more in the community. She recently completed her studies in Commerce at the University of Melbourne and was appointed new Managing Director of Language Connection.

Di Yuan

  • Words Event Coordinator
  • Language: English, Chinese (Mandarin)

Di joined Language Connection in September 2011 as the event organizer and financial assistant. After studying in France for one semester in Bachelor, she decided to come to University of Melbourne to pursuit her master degree and broaden the views. To enrich social experience before going into the real business world, she played an active role in organizing the Thursday and Saturday events. Her multi-culture background, along with rigorous attitude towards her duty, has been a great value to Language Connection.

David Fang

  • Event Facilitator
  • Languages: English & Cantonese

David joined Language Connection in December 2012. A local from
a Chinese background, he speaks Cantonese and English fluently. He
completed the Bachelor of Business (Professional Accountancy) at RMIT
University and now works full time as an Accountant.

Ben Grasso

  • Information Technology Manager
  • Languages: English, Japanese

Ben has been volunteering with the Japanese exchange since December 2011. A local to Melbourne, he completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science and then continued with an honours year in atmospheric science. During this time he studied Japanese formally in 2008 as a student elective and since then persevered alone. He enjoys Japanese cuisine, rock music and games. When Ben isn’t working on scientific research he is responsible for Language Connection’s online presence and facilitating Language Exchanges.

Martin Goh

  • Visual Media Officer & Japanese Events Coordinator
  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin)

Martin is currently a student of The University of Melbourne, studying the Bachelor of Science, majoring in Physiology. He has been studying Japanese since primary school, and enjoys watching Japanese owarai television programs. He is currently crazy for nice watches.

Lisa Wang

  • Marketing Manager
  • Languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese/Hainanese)

Born in China, Lisa grew up in Melbourne which made her proficient in both English and Chinese. She also studied French throughout high school and carrying her passion for languages, she pursued Linguistics studies at university. Besides language learning, Lisa is an adventure-seeking person and enjoys participating in various kinds of sports such as badminton, tennis, volleyball, bowling, ice-skating, pool/billiards and horse-riding. She also recently conquered her fear of heights by climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Luke Pang

  • Lingo Event Coordinator
  • Languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin)

Luke is an international student from China. After graduating from University in China, he came to Melbourne to start a new journey. During his life in Melbourne, with an ingrained interested in languages, Luke joined Language Connection, which has provided him more opportunities to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures, but also to help more international students to build their confidence with languages. Luke is an excellent event organizer and has successfully organized a lot of language exchanges in Melbourne. He currently studies Commerce at the University of Ballarat.

Andrea (Yue) Lou

  • Chinese Unimelb Event Coordinator
  • Language: English, Chinese (Mandarin)

Andrea has been volunteering in Language Connection since July 2011 and is an international student from China and speaks Mandarin and English. She is now undertaking a Master of Teaching secondary at the University of Melbourne. She has been with Language Connection for more than two years and have been coordinators and facilitators in quite a few events.

Yang Wang

  • Chinese Unimelb Event Coordinator
  • Languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin)

Yang came from China in early 2011 and now studies the master of International Relations at the University of Melbourne. After studying a few languages, she understands the fears students may have when learning a new language; she hopes to help learners of English and Chinese overcome those difficulties through Language Connection events, encourage them to become confident learners and in turn achieve native or native-like proficiency in their second language.

Ching Ng

  • Financal Officer
  • Languages: English, Malay, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese), Japanese

Ching started learning a few languages during her childhood years. Her interest in languages has been increasing as she grows older. After moving to Melbourne, she learned Japanese so she could understand her songs sung by her favorite bands. She is currently studying commerce at the University of Melbourne. She enjoys meeting people from different backgrounds after joining LC.

Xin Tong

  • Accounting Officer
  • Language: English, Chinese (Mandarin

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New volunteers:

  • Gordon Douglas

Inactive volunteers:

  • Anthy Nguyen
  • Ai-Lynn Wong
  • Amelia Millett
  • Yi-Ping Chang
  • Alexander Brown