Change of Venue on Thursdays

February 5, 2012 in Australia, Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Language Exchange, Language learners, Mandarin Chinese by Languageconnection2011

Dear Language Connectors,

We will be moving from UIT, (Level 4 398 Lonsdale Street) to The Couch, (69 Bourke St) from the 16 February. This means that the UIT event on this Thursday (9/2/2012) will be the last one there on Thursdays. We may run another even there in the future, but it will be on a different night of the week.


On Thursday the 16 February, please come to 69 Bourke St, for English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese language exchange. The event is now called “LINGO” which is another way of saying the words people use. It can refer to specialised language, like “I’m not up to date with the most recent Lingo”.

Thursday Language Exchange-Lingo
See you soon!!
Language Connection Team