Featured Volunteer in June: Dan Ednie

June 1, 2012 in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Language Exchange, Language learners, Mandarin Chinese by Languageconnection2011

Dan Ednie
CEO (Founder)
Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Czech

Dan is an honours student majoring in Linguistics at the University of Melbourne. He works as a research assistant in The Asia Institute and also works at the Language Testing Research Center. His research interests include Discourse and Pragmatics, Interactional Socio-linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Language Testing and Rapport Development.


In 2009, Dan Ednie founded Melbourne’s first Chinese and English language exchange, where Australians learning Mandarin could put their classroom learning to use and international students can improve their English. The group of language learners quickly became a social hub for learners and speakers of Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Japanese and English with four weekly events and two annual conferences. Today Language Connection has over a thousand subscribed members, has fifteen volunteers, reaches more than three thousand people annually and has operations in Melbourne and Japan with plans in place to run events in China and Taiwan in 2012.