Staying Interested

August 19, 2012 in Australia, Chinese, Events, Language Exchange, Language learners, Mandarin Chinese by Languageconnection2011

I think that the main challenge for me that I struggle with every day is attempting to stay interested in the Mandarin Language. Yes it has been two years now.  I have a high level of conversational ability, and I live in a country that requires me to speak the language every day.

However, I really strugle to stay interested every day.

Rather than allow this losing interest to be a negative thing.  I have allowed it to be a positive thing. Everytime I feel myself loosing interst in Mandarin, I have come up with a creative way to remain interested. This has often ment doing things that put me out of my comfort zone.  But, in the end my commitment to mandering and my profound desire to know what it feels like to speak an forign language well has guided me through.


Back when I started learning because I was bored with reading books I joined a language exchange. When I was feeling unmotivated to study over many weeks I started my own language exchange. When I was at home, I started language exchanging with people over Skype in China. Recently I started listening to Chinese music,  then I started a Chinese band and volunteered at the local Chinese radio station! [Ed: Total boss decision, I’m volunteering there now and it’s mad]

Finally I moved to China.

But this still wasn’t enough. I got a job at the local Chinese radio station and now teach children English using Chinese as the language of instruction. I also attended meetings of a Chinese public speaking club. Yet still I I find myself losing interest.  Yes I’m still going to speak Chinese every day while I’m here, but I always want to keep the passion alive, that I felt the first day I decided to learn Chinese. I always want to be seeing and undrestanding new things.  This is why I love learning languages.

高兴/Thomas Gorrie